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As the 2019-2020 Seasons takes off it is time to go to the pool and work on the little details that will make big positive differences. 


17 years old Embrace Swimmer and swim teacher Elizabeth Banducci

Conquered Lake Erie in 7 hours 11 minutes and 51 seconds raising over $10,000.00 for Defend Dignity, an organization dedicated to the help and support of victims of human trafficking.
Running 23km on land is far.  Biking 23km takes some effort.  Swimming 23km across Lake Erie is amazing for anyone. But add in that Elizabeth is only a teenager and that for more than 50% of her training she was injured its even more impressive. Elizabeth and Miguel got creative and for months Elizabeth trained with her legs kicking in the water, cycling and running to get the needed endurance. For weeks she swam with only one arm including some races! Only a few days before her swim trial to qualify for Lake Erie feat she started swimming back with two arms. After a failed attempt to start, where the boat got caught under an electrical storm in the middle of the lake while taxing over to Sturgeon Point in New York, a couple of weeks later a little better weather window opened and with the invaluable help of Anita and John Doppenberg, Tricia Banducci and Andrea Knot, Elizabeth and her crew braved strong winds and a head current for the first 4 hours of her crossing. With her determination Elizabeth got the job done on Saturday August 24.
7 hours and 11 minutes after she started at sturgeon point the Brampton teenager hit the shoreline of Lake Erie at Crystal Beach Ontario.  Well done to all who contributed and particularly to the great swimmer and her coach.
Your training partners colleagues and staff at Embrace and C3 are very proud of you. Welcome to the GREAT LAKES SWIMMERS CLUB.
Read more about Elizabeth's fundraiser.



After weeks of hard work and investing countless hours to come up with a solution to keep the pool functioning we came to the conclusion that it is not financially viable and the Embrace Swimming pool project has come to an end. We are now in the process of re-building what Embrace was without the pool but with the great learning experience that this project left us with. We hope that those that really want to continue their training and experiences in the open water will follow us in our next chapter. 

Pool programs

Over the summer we started working towards creating a schedule that works with the little athletes and the not so little. We are getting better and we see a great future at our pool in Brampton. Come check what we have to offer.


This week

Life is made of the every day little things; some times we want to share our news and views on those the every day things. As we read long ago: "Aspire to Inspire before we Expire"


Top open water swimming coach, former competitive swimmer and modern pentathlete Miguel Vadillo is now sharing his remarkable stories of commitment and perseverance With more to add as life goes on and experiences worthwhile sharing accumulate.


With the summer swims outside coming up for 2019, the spring Friday morning technical practices continue to be a great way to focus on work that helps you achieve your personal goals. Being more efficient in the water will bring the speed that you have wanted. Come check us out! We are growing as more people now sees the benefit of investing time in swimming well to be able to swim fast.

We provide quality programs, coaching, and advice for swimming, open water swimming, and triathlon. Join us and get on the path of achieving your goals.

Open Water Swimming

With lakes, ponds, quarries and rivers of all sizes in Ontario, Open water swimming knows no boundaries!

Lake Erie Race

In the water as it is often in regular life, anyone of us is just as good as the support we have beside us


This week

Life is made of the every day little things; some times we want to share our news and views about the every day things. As we read long ago: "Aspire to Inspire before we Expire"

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