The 4th Annual

The Swim FEST is back! Yes, on Sunday July 29 we will run our 4th swim Festival that features a staggered start of different distances from 200 metres to 10 Kilometres we have a distance and challenge for you!

What are we up to now?

Life is made of the every day little things; some times we want to share our news and views on those the every day things. As we read long ago: "Aspiring to Inspire before we Expire" Next blog text: When after a log time frowning, life finally smiles at you.


Top open water swimming coach, former competitive swimmer and modern pentathlete Miguel Vadillo is now sharing his remarkable stories of commitment and perseverance With more to add as life goes on and experiences worthwhile sharing accumulate.

Swim Technique

Fall and Winter Friday morning in Mississauga and evening in Orangeville are now on! Check out our programs designed for you to start your best swimming season yet! Heads up! This two programs may change location soon as life some times take unexpected and positive turns. Stay tuned!

We provide quality programs, coaching, and advice for swimming, open water swimming, and triathlon. Join us and get on the path of achieving your goals.

Open Water Swimming

With lakes, ponds, quarries and rivers of all sizes in Ontario, Open water swimming knows no boundaries!

Lake Erie Race

In the water as it is often in regular life, anyone of us is just as good as the support we have beside us

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And there is that.
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Mine Over Matter Open Water race   I finished the 1.5 k swim with a total distance of 1.9. The course was very very challenging. 4ft. Swells against the swimmers for half of... Read More