We did it!


At some point I finally saw the power turbine at the CE grounds and start swimming towards that.

Sue and John Eddols were escorting me. The excitement grew when I was able to see the cars on the Lakeshore boulevard. I knew then "we are going to make it". The leading sailboat was going way too much to the right and I "knew" that the open gate to the gap was to the left of the turbine so I ignored the boat. 

John almost using his cop skills stopped me and say sorry buddy we need to follow the boat. I said they are going way too far to the right!

I continued my course and two strokes after John repeated with authority:  Sorry buddy we have to follow them.

It happens that an undertow was pulling us backwards and going to the right was the way to compensate for it and make it the fastest and shortest way. Little did I know about that.

I followed the sailboat and everything happened really quickly, suddenly an airplane right on top of us going to the Island airport made me aware that we were only a few hundreds of meters away.


I tried to speed up, a few meters and then a wave pushed my right arm back and entered the water on a wrong angle. It felt like a huge thick needle trespassing even the bones on my shoulder.

I screamed as hard as I could as if with this the pain will get scared and go away… eventually the intensity went away not totally the pain.

Keep,keep, swimming, swimming keep,keep swimming, swimming" I started singing to myself as if I were fresh and happy to be there.

As a matter of fact I was VERY happy.

I turned around and just Sue and John were with me. Far ahead the boats that went into the gap to get the crew to the wall.

we are going to make it! we are going to make it!

and so we did.

Many people has asked if I saw fish or eels or any living creature.

During the night I did feel many things. I do not know what it was and I do not want to know.

Didn't bothered me though.

Anyways the only fish I say was this big fat blue fish right at the gap entrance. I got distracted with it and when I turned my head up the finish was set up about 300 meter more ahead to the left of the entrance.

I could have to swim only another 30 or 40 meter why there? WHY? I was thinking. Meanwhile Sue and John were picked up by the power boat. I left them there and alone swam the last couple of hundred meters to the wall.

I wanted to hear the sound of the metal when I touched but I was so tired that barely had any strenght to hit the wall hard enough to hear it. Instead I just gently touched it and immediately thought: What have I done? What have WE done?

Malva arrives at Marilyn Bell Park after 18 hours

Pulled my arms to my head and said it to me and to the world in my head: thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you!


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  1. Andres Vela
    | Reply

    Muchisimas Felicidades Miguel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No me puedo imaginar el juego mental que tuvistes durante esa larga noche y dia en el gran lago!!! Que orgullo saber que lograste tu meta y que al mismo tiempo estas ayudando a cientos/miles de ninos.
    Te mando un muy fuerte abrazo y espero que la gente se de cuenta de la gran travezia que has logrado.
    Mis respetos compadre!!

  2. Malva
    | Reply

    Muchas, muchas gracias Andrés.
    Fue toda una experiencia que nos cambió definitivamente la persectiva en la vida.
    Lo mejor de todo como tu dices es que además ayudamos a niños a tener el chance de disfrutar de manera segura el agua, como tu, tus hermanos y muchos otros que hemos tenido el privilegio y suerte de haber aprendido a nadar desde muy pequeños.
    Gracias de verdad por tus palabras.

  3. best swim goggles
    | Reply

    That was a great achievement for you!! Great though.

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