Training: running and swimming once again

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Korben Mustio

Keeping it going.
I started training last Saturday October 22.
I ran for an hour and almost did 10 Km. pretty slow but was a good start in a beautiful fall morning. The best part is that I felt good and even when the rest of the day I felt pretty tired wasn’t like many other times that I put myself in such stupid circumstances that I wouldn’t be able to say if it was a train that ran over me or just a very hard workout.
If I have learned something by now doing what I do is that the older I get the more quality recovery time I need to be able to function and perform well.
So, I feel awesome that those guilt feelings for not training are gone!
I do what I can while I enjoy it. If I am not enjoying it… why bother?
At this point in my life gets really hard to get back from work late at night, go to bed after midnight and get up at 5:00 a.m. to go to swim,  however there is no nicer feeling after the practice than knowing that I did something good for myself, had a great time with awesome people, I’m getting better as I gain some fitness, had a great breakfast (somehow food taste 1000 times better after a hard training session) had a very rewarding half hour play time with my dog, I’m on my way to work and its only 7:55a.m. !

I hope to get it going like this for a long long time. 

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