Miguel Vadillo: Yes, I did it … again. Burlington to Kingston?

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Tue Prep11

Yes. Once more I have started.


The thing is I have this idea, you might have heard already: (many have)

I want to swim lake Ontario from the pier of the lift bridge in Burlington to a place to be determined in Kingston Ontario.

Never has been done, No one has tried before.

Unlike the last time, I haven't faced any "are you out of your mind" comments or discouraging ones and none of "that can't be done!". Rather I have faced challenging looks like saying "really?  Let's see if you are capable of …"  which is even more scary.

See, when someone tells me NO for an answer I, as a general rule try to change it to: No… for now, and then do the work needed to make it happen.

This time life has been a roller coaster so even when I know that it can be done, that will be something very hard but enjoyable, I kind of stopped out of fear to the insane amount of work that will take to do something like that.

Before I go any further I have to explain that this will be a relay swimming the 320 Km. (more or less) between Burlington and Kingston.  Six swimmers one hour each, one after the other hopefully under 6 days (with their nights).

So after August when I swam a 10Km. race twice one week after another and finished both smiling I have been in the water just a couple  of days a week thinking about all this but not really moving forward.

So this week I have started. I swam a bit on Monday, I went to the gym with Santiago Tuesday and started very light, and to my own surprise yesterday, I even swam at 10 p.m. for about an hour.

Writing this is also documenting this first steps in the direction of this new goal.

The amount of work and things that have to get done in other to be ready to just start this swim some time next August are overwhelming and at the same time I feel some sort of excitement somewhere inside me.

I hope you can and want to follow the journey.

  1. Madhu
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    I like your idea Miguel!!

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