Driving long again



Que chinga compa!

My long time friend Ricardo wrote on facebook.

Sort of "freakin painful pal"

And yes, driving back non stop to Arizona from Guelph was long and at times hard, yet I got to see things that are beautiful, enchanting, funny, surprising or just plain nice.

Two days before coming, I went to to Toronto to work on the early train with Katie because of the snow storm. When we got there I got to see the thousands up on thousands of people that get to work in the city at that time every day. Most of them looked miserable. Very few smiled and many were looking like that joke of the "working dead".

After I read Ricardo's comment while driving here , I couldn't help to thing that, THAT is ther real chinga! What I am doing is taking the first two days of my holidays to drive down the bikes of some triathletes (that otherwise would have to spend a lot of money and have hassels to bring them down on their flights down) and spend time with sport friends and my son which I love doing
At the end of the day, at least on Thursday and Friday while driving here I was way better off than all those going to work to a place that they do not like and do not enjoy.

On top of that, all the discomfort of the trip and lack of propper sleep was a great mental training opportunity for the summer project.

I am down here to help some athletes to improve their swimming abilities,

To start the process (again) of regain human shape.

To train like there is no tomorrow (just smarter than when I was younger) at least for the week

Lake Ontario here we go

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