Open water swimming and coaching: A new chapter

19 months ago was the last time I wrote something here.

There are innumerable things that can happen in such time and yet there are things that do not change and will not change.

Amongst the many things that happened over this period of time have been very defining moments for my present and future life and while I find it very challenging has also been part of growing up as a person and as every one of the roles I have now.

First of all as most of you know, I lost my job at the Toronto Star. Not because I am an incompetent graphic/news designer but because ...whatever is not worth my or your time.

While in the midst of figuring out what I wanted to do and define my next steps, my older brother Eduardo lost his battle with cancer and passed away. That fact has deeply impacted every member of our family in many different ways. We all are finding a way to deal with it but as you can imagine is not something you get over it easy or fast and in this case is taking its time.

So... I decided to become a full time swimming - triathlon coach and leave for a while the news design; become much more selective and careful about the information I consume every day (yes, I do not care about 99.9% of things that do not bring me a little bit of joy anymore) and do something rewarding for me and the community I live in.

No, not the regular swimming teacher that you see in any swimming school in Mexico or here in Canada by any means. I decided to go about promoting open water swimming and help age group athletes to achieve their athletic goals while pursuing a healthy and fun lifestyle.

And so I founded a coaching company: Embrace Open Water swimming.

Now, I know that many of you know this but maybe, just maybe there are a few that did not know and along this journey I have met many more people as my work as a coach develop and reaches more people.
I have been a tiny part of many admirable successes of age group and elite athletes over the last 12 months. I am proud of them all and very thankful that they allowed me to work with them.

This is the come back to record the journey. The every day chores, pleasures and struggles of this journey that has everything to do with a long, long swim.

This time has been an emotional roller coaster. However there are many, many very positive things that brighten my life and kept me inspired all this time. That is why the purpose of this space is to share those along with my thoughts to anyone willing to read.

So I am back to write and to start the path of a career in this form of swimming.

Hard to believe that everything started many moons ago when someone came to my primary school to offer swimming lessons in a little pool called "Mundo Acuatico" when I was in grade 1...

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