Open Water Swimming Season is about to start!

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7 days until
Summer Programs start!

Yesterday, Victoria Day May 24, 2016 we were at Gulliver’s Lake for the second time in two weeks to test the water temperature.
OPEN WATER SWIMMING IS ON ! Gulliver’s was 17.6 degrees yesterday! Awesome comfortable temperature specially if you wear a wetsuit.For all of you people interested in swimming, Open water swimming, triathlons and to have coached practices in the open water, we will be starting
our regular Open Water sessions at Gulliver’s Lake on Monday June 6 and we will make sure everyone in our programs gets what they need
individually to enjoy swimming in the open water.We will have many different sessions at different times through the week. Our programs are now updated in our website and you are now able
to register for any of the summer sessions we offer.
Once you are registered you will be able to come to any practice we have in any location.
We basically will be taking attendance as your registration is for a 10 sessions pack.
We expect most people will show up at the same location and time they registered but we totally understand that many others have changing
work/family/personal schedules that need flexibility and we are open to accommodate and support all of our athletes as much as we can.Our Embrace Open Water SwimFest where there are distances to choose from 200 meters to 10 Kilometres and individual registrations
as well as relay registrations. You can register today if you want

The Guelph Triathlon Club already had its first swim of the season with Embrace Open Water Swimming at Guelph Lake.
Water temperature was between 12 and 15 degrees celsius and was an awesome practice.
Very inspiring to see over 18 swimmers of many age groups be brave and enjoy a lovely evening.

Malva exits the water at 12C














One of the greatest open water swimming clubs in the world, L.O.S.T. Swimming in Oakville start its 2016 season on Saturday June 4th, 2016.
Remember, every Saturday morning during the summer rain or shine!.
The famous LOST RACE is also scheduled this year as all the others on the second Saturday of August this time is August 13.To register:



C3 The Canadian Cross Training Club is hosting the annual Kids of Steel triathlon in Caledon. This is a GREAT event where ADULTS
and kids participate in a safe (pool swimming) triathlon for all levels. It is a great way to learn and to meet many extraordinary athletes
that share their wisdom freely. Do not miss it!

C3 has a wonderful clean and protected quarry for their open water swims. They will start swimming this Saturday May 28 at 8a.m.
You can also find details at their website (link above).



And for those looking for open water races in Canada and Ontario here there are:MINE OVER MATTER Kelso, Ontario    June 25
Powered by Embrace Open Water Swimming

CALEDON QUARRY I Caledon, Ontario    June 26
Powered by Embrace Open Water Swimming

EPIC SWIM Darmouth Nova Scotia    July 1

North Shore Challenge Turkey Point, Ontario    July 16

Bring on the Bay Ottawa, Ontario    July 16

EMBRACE OPEN WATER SWIM FEST Gulliver’s Lake, Ontario    July 31

THE LOST RACE AND THE LOST MILE Oakville, Ontario    August 13

SEA DOGS OPEN WATER SWIM RACE Rothesay, New Brunswick    August 16

TORONTO ISLAND LAKE SWIM Toronto, Ontario    August 28

NANAIMO OCEAN SWIM Nanaimo, British Columbia    August 28

GSS NORTH AMERICA CHAMPIONSHIPS Toronto, Ontario    September 4

CALEDON QUARRY II Caledon, Ontario    September 10
Powered by Embrace Open Water Swimming

All those races are part of the Global Swim Series
THE LARGEST SWIM SERIES IN CANADA AND THE WORLD!Over 32,000 swimmers, 61 races in 17 countries including Canada, United States of America, Mexico, Haiti, Bermuda,
St. Kitts & Nevis, Barbados, Brazil, Ireland, Austria, Spain, Greece, Russia, United Arab Emirates,
Samoa, New Zealand and Australia.

Founded in 2014, the Global Swim Series had its inaugural season known as the Canadian Open Water Swim Series
and had 12 events featuring 26 different races spread across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver.
The first season had over 2000 participants with a breadth of experience from former Olympians, nationally ranked
club swimmers, NCAA and CIS athletes, marathon swimmers, Ironman triathletes, but also welcomed the majority
of participants without any auspicious credentials and encouraged those new to the sport of Open Water Swimming to join the fun.
With equal focus on competition and participation, whether you are an elite level swimmer or coming out for your first race,
a Global Swim Series event will offer you a unique and fun experience to enjoy the sport.

 Global Swim Series

We hope to get to meet you at all or any of this fun swimming opportunities!

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