Handling challenges

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No matter what, life will always throw at us different challenges in a daily basis.
It is how we deal with them what makes the difference.
I have been feeling that since July 25 when Maya Farrell started her very impressive swim across Lake Ontario and I was swim master for that, going to July 29-30th when my mom passed away my summer-fall has been a constant challenge to manage every day the best I can without neglecting too much people, projects, ideas, and myself.
Certainly I also feel that I have not done a satisfactory job at any of this so I must work harder and better … and then is when I realize “flexibility” is the key!
One thing well done at a time is better that many mediocre.
For now time with my Dad has been the well done part and the rest is just falling into place with the flexibility of attending the immediate important task at a time the best I have been able.
However, starting this Saturday 80/20 principle ( what 20% of things to do well will help me achieve 80% of my goals and what 80% of things I have to eliminate to be better) will have to be back in place in search for excellence again.
I thank everyone for their patience.
A few weeks ago I was in awe of the girl that set up the japaneese flag at the pool as an aspiring thought to all those that have Olympic dreams. It was an inspiring moment to see her hanging up there on top of the water while my swimmers were in the middle of their practice.

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