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Mine Over Matter Open Water race


I finished the 1.5 k swim with a total distance of 1.9.

The course was very very challenging. 4ft. Swells against the swimmers for half of the course and then diagonal on the way back. We could not see anything on the way back because of the angle of the waves versus where we supposed to be going.

I teach swimming navigation in the open water yet when Loren King passed me, i decided to draft of him. You know, Loren is a great open water swimmer and William Leonard, Dylan Kent, Rob Kent, and some other guy were just a few meters ahead. I should be ok I thought… Wrong again. Kayakers were not doing their job and if we would not stop and ask we would have ended at Long point 30 km. ahead!

We were over 300 meters away from the turn buoy. And then the race to catch up the wasted distance.

7 th overall 3rd naked overall 2nd of my age group.



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