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9 years ago I was writing almost every day to tell the story of how I decided to swim across Lake Ontario, how I was training and how life was at that time when I decided to do that.

The swim across the Great Lake made a huge impact in my life and has given me the ability to (hopefully) impact in a positive way the life of others.

For a little over 16 months now I haven’t written anything in the blog as I have been too far up my ass trying to understand what did I get into when I said yes to having a swimming pool that I manage on my own.

It has been a HUGE undertaking in many ways. Maybe not because what it needs to be done but more because I discovered that I did not know anything about many important aspects of it.

As time goes by I have learned a great deal about pool maintenance, management and the community where the pool is.

I was looking to do other things needed for the business and the management of a non pleasant situation when I came here to the site to realize that I haven’t written ANYTHING in this blog since June 2017! and yet, I still advertise “come and read our blog”… well it is time to change it and start making a real effort to write things here that can help others.

I was in the water this morning coaching Elizabeth Banducci, who a few weeks ago asked me to help her to swim across Lake Erie this summer 2019 .

I asked a simple question over her speed in a set and she said: “I do not know if that is a praise or an insult” … I just wanted to know why she chose to swim at that speed to know what is in her mind and all came back to me; We all are great when things are going our way, but when we are in a difficult situation, when we are stressed, tired, hungry, we react differently and I need to know as a coach what is it that I will be dealing with in the moments of crisis to be as helpful and effective as I can. It was a great session because I think Elizabeth learned something and I did definitely learned something about her and remember a very important part of my job as a coach that nobody teaches you : We need to be in tune with our athletes feelings and inner thoughts to be able to help them.

Elizabeth is in the stages of setting up her charity goals so she is doing this swim to help others rather than her ego. I believe she is a very special and different 16 years old girl. Every time I am asked to do this kind of things I feel blessed for the opportunity because it is very special people that decide to do them and I am lucky to be a tiny part of their journey.

Please if you can ,support and help her in her journey that has just started. More details to come on the when and how to get involved. Stay tuned.

As per the writing, in a way I have been in a crisis the last 16 months or so and writing hasn’t been a priority. Rather I am now making the effort to understand what is it that I am doing what have I learned and how to use that to get better at what I do and to get closer to achieve my goals. I am glad I am back today. I hope that you come back often as well.



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