Getting up and keep going

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Has been only 2 years but it certainly feel like 20 at this time.

The pool project kept changing and I continued to rise to the challenges no matter what until I could no longer going, and yet still I will be traveling to Brampton some time between tomorrow and Monday to still learn how much would it cost to get the Dectron going again and to make sure the control over the work on that mechanical room is on the side of "us" (whatever the entity operating the pool would be).

It is not a surprise that I really do not feel enthusiastic to go back to that place now that I have plenty of data for comparison.

In any case enough with that!

If I am to go back and use that space again it will be on terms that are with benefit for Embrace swimmers and myself only.

In the meantime I did the best I could to get all operations with people that wanted to work with us at the C3 quarry thanks to the generosity of Barrie Shepley and the C3 board that graciously offered me a second professional home to finish the summer in a wonderful place to train open water.

I am back in Guelph and the smiles of all swimmers I have re-encounter are like warm blanket in a winter storm. The opportunity that Kendra Papple is given me to get back and coach with the local swimming team is something that I am grateful for and I am enjoying the learning curve again.


Yesterday I had the privilege of working with female para-swimmer Jordan Tucker which gave me a great lesson about what it means to be a swimming coach.

It is not only about the swimming, is about working towards a better caring community. I had very little time to learn a bit about her story and to be really able to be useful to her. I enjoyed greatly the session.

I realized that I am done feeling sorry for myself and what happened with the pool.

I am done being angry.

I am done being useless.

Cheers to the new starts and the comebacks of exciting ideas for the future.

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