AUGUST 3rd 2024

C3 Quarry in Caledon

C3 Quarry In Caledon, Ontario (James Dick Quarry) : 18077-, 18119 Hurontario St, Caledon Village, ON L7K 1X2 Click HERE for directions


Once again, we are adding Stand Up Paddle Board Racing (SUP) to our festival. IN or ON the water the concept is to have lots of fun while doing the best we can ... just like when we were kids!!
We believe that swimmers should paddle and paddlers should swim as both they complement each other! and we hope that everyone has a joyful time while doing it.


We are able to offer this event thanks to the generosity of our partner club C3 Canadian Cross Training Club and its wonderful sponsors:




7:00 am 10km Swim  

7:05 am 5km Swim

9:00 am 1.5km Swim

9:45 am 800m Swim

10:00 am 2km Paddle

10:20 am 400m Swim

400m SWIM-1Km SUP-
400m SWIM- 1Km SUP Relay or Solo

Snapshots of past fun:

The courses are clearly marked: there is a 400m loop, a 1 Km, 1500m and a 2Km. Courses all connected.

The 10 km. is 5 loops to the 2 km. course

5Km is two loops to the 2Km course + one loop of the 1KM.

The 1500m is one loop on its own course.

The 800m is two loops on the 400m course.

The 400m is one loop on its own course.

The SUP ONLY race for beginners/sprinters is the same 2km course as the swimmers.
The SWIM-SUP-SWIM-SUP Race (Individual or relay) is on the 400m loop for the swimmer, 1km. loop for the paddler twice.

Swimming participants are allowed to have individual support kayak or paddle board along the course as long as they do not interfere with the progress of any other swimmer. They can be used by coaches or assistants to supply water and nutrition to swimmers if they wish to use this method.
Buoys are directional cues. Swimmers can be on either side of them while going on a straight navigational line. Any participant HAVE to go around the buoys at the turns.


Lets all have a great experience in the open water

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General information

The C3 Quarry is owned by James Dick Aggregates. Likely the best place to learn and train Open Water Swimming in southern Ontario.

With many programs and events every year C3 does an incredible job at keeping this jewel as nice and functioning as it is.

We are making sure that the experience is the best we can offer. Our race is geared to all swimmers, beginners and experienced. The courses are set the closest to shore we can. The conditions in any open water body can change rapidly and that is why we are doing this race in a protected area that will ensure the safety of all participants.

The temperature of the water is pretty constant with a variation of + - 3 degrees celsius from 20C. We really hope to see most of you there!