A year after

A bit more than a year ago, I was on my knees in a hotel room in NOTL scared, praying, breathing deeply and asking to God, … to the universe and the lake to help me and to be gentle. … Read More

We did it!

At some point I finally saw the power turbine at the CE grounds and start swimming towards that. Sue and John Eddols were escorting me. The excitement grew when I was able to see the cars on the Lakeshore boulevard. … Read More

Tuesday August 10th

Jim Rankin Photo This day could not be a better one. Everything went extremely well and that was a good sign in itself. Almost everything was ready since the night before when Katie Shirley and I went to buy last … Read More

Malva has done it!

I will keep this one very short just to let everyone know, Malva crossed lake Ontario in 18:04 The next blog will be Malva telling everyone how his side of the swim went. Malva is sleeping right now and is … Read More

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