And there is that.

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Mine Over Matter Open Water race   I finished the 1.5 k swim with a total distance of 1.9. The course was very very challenging. 4ft. Swells against the swimmers for half of the course and then diagonal on the … Read More

Getting ready

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Life is made out of little everyday moments. We all have our struggles and deal with them the best we can. However some times life gets very pretty for you and offers everything you have wanted and more. Those days … Read More

Handling challenges

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No matter what, life will always throw at us different challenges in a daily basis. It is how we deal with them what makes the difference. I have been feeling that since July 25 when Maya Farrell started her very … Read More

Getting ready for a great summer

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As Embrace Open Water is  preparing the summer season we are re-arranging everything we can based on our learning from the previous two years. It has been quite a ride and there are lots of ideas to explore and many with the … Read More

Serían 59

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Cumplí 57. A pesar de algún majadero pronóstico cumplí 57 y doy fe de vida…de buena vida, por ustedes los de siempre, los lejanos, los cercanos, los viejos y los nuevos, los de todos los días y los de vez … Read More

Driving back home

Apart from another great weel of training and coaching, driving the bikes back to Ontario on my own has given me a unique opportunity to be really with myself for a long time. Some times it is refreshing not to … Read More

Driving long again

  Que chinga compa! My long time friend Ricardo wrote on facebook. Sort of "freakin painful pal" And yes, driving back non stop to Arizona from Guelph was long and at times hard, yet I got to see things that … Read More

Many are paying quite a bit of money to see them in London. I was lucky enough to be invited to watch them running a few blocks from my house at Exhibition park in Guelph: Canada's best marathon runner Reid … Read More

Swimming Party

A week ago was the Guelph Marlins Aquatic Club annual banquet. I have been part of the club for 7 years now and it was my first banquet. Somehow I manage to miss them every year until this last one … Read More

Training: running and swimming once again

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Keeping it going.I started training last Saturday October 22. I ran for an hour and almost did 10 Km. pretty slow but was a good start in a beautiful fall morning. The best part is that I felt good and … Read More

Feeling heavy

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This is not necesarily how do I look now but it certaily represents how heavy I feel. It has been a long lasting feeling for over a year. When I decided to swim across Lake Ontario and learned what was … Read More

What’s next?

What is next? This is one of the questions that many people often has asked me. Without exception I must have this blank staring face while in my head the process is something like: ¿? What? think,  … think! and … Read More

A year after

A bit more than a year ago, I was on my knees in a hotel room in NOTL scared, praying, breathing deeply and asking to God, … to the universe and the lake to help me and to be gentle. … Read More

We did it!

At some point I finally saw the power turbine at the CE grounds and start swimming towards that. Sue and John Eddols were escorting me. The excitement grew when I was able to see the cars on the Lakeshore boulevard. … Read More

Tuesday August 10th

Jim Rankin Photo This day could not be a better one. Everything went extremely well and that was a good sign in itself. Almost everything was ready since the night before when Katie Shirley and I went to buy last … Read More

Malva has done it!

I will keep this one very short just to let everyone know, Malva crossed lake Ontario in 18:04 The next blog will be Malva telling everyone how his side of the swim went. Malva is sleeping right now and is … Read More

It’s Begun!

Malva has begun his 52km swim. And the crew has started their 19 hours of hard work. When my dad said he was going to try to cross this great lake I thought he was bluffing. But now that we're … Read More

Welland race

For… who knows what reason, all along since I got registered for this race I had in my mind that the race site was close to the beach where I had swam in Hamilton. Little did I know about the … Read More

Thank you very much Jane / Jade

  I just want to share this wonderful message: Hi everyone – hope you will forgive this little (hopefully) inspirational message:   At exactly 5:32pm today, Jade Scognamillo touched the shore at Marilyn Bell Park having spent 19:59:49 swimming across … Read More


After the advise of two swim masters I have decided to postpone the swim trial. The water is too cold to be there for 6 hours and the winds seem that are not willing to cooperate tonight. After a chat … Read More

Another battle

It's not the cold, it's not the darkness, it's not the distance … yet. I know that i am not the only one. We all have our own demons to fight at any point on our lives. However those change … Read More

I am back!

At least writing because I didn't go anywhere. But I had a period of doubts, of not feeling really well with all this, even when I never stopped the work and I've been in the water often enough. That is … Read More

Thank you Nat!

If anything else, this project has given me the chance of re-connect with friends, incredible good athletes and many, interesting people with amazing stories. This past weekend while doing a relay at the Caledon Kids of Steel triathlon and having … Read More

Victoria Weekend

Everything started Thursday at Frank Valeriote's office. Was truly great and very encouraging to meet somebody as energetic and hands on as him. We got a lot of support from him personally and some leads for sponsorship. Thank you very … Read More

Like if working (incluing the 3 hours commute every day average), swimming long and taking care of things at home weren't enough, as part of the plan for training now I started writing everything that goes into my mouth and … Read More

ok. now I think is getting not all that pretty. Between last night and this morning workouts I swam 24Km. in less than 24 hours. After 7 Km this morning I had to say to my coach: Kendra I just … Read More