Getting ready for a great summer

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As Embrace Open Water is  preparing the summer season we are re-arranging everything we can based on our learning from the previous two years. It has been quite a ride and there are lots of ideas to explore and many with the … Read More

Serían 66

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“Cumplí 57. A pesar de algún majadero pronóstico cumplí 57 y doy fe de vida…de buena vida, por ustedes los de siempre, los lejanos, los cercanos, los viejos y los nuevos, los de todos los días y los de vez … Read More

Driving back home

Apart from another great weel of training and coaching, driving the bikes back to Ontario on my own has given me a unique opportunity to be really with myself for a long time. Some times it is refreshing not to … Read More

Driving long again

  Que chinga compa! My long time friend Ricardo wrote on facebook. Sort of "freakin painful pal" And yes, driving back non stop to Arizona from Guelph was long and at times hard, yet I got to see things that … Read More

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