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We are lucky to have so many athletes from different abilities, backgrounds and with so many different goals that have requested workouts. The information provided here is intended for specific athletes even when anyone can use them as a starting … Read More

Getting ready

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Life is made out of little everyday moments. We all have our struggles and deal with them the best we can. However some times life gets very pretty for you and offers everything you have wanted and more. Those days … Read More

Getting ready for a great summer

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As Embrace Open Water is  preparing the summer season we are re-arranging everything we can based on our learning from the previous two years. It has been quite a ride and there are lots of ideas to explore and many with the … Read More

Training: running and swimming once again

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Keeping it going.I started training last Saturday October 22. I ran for an hour and almost did 10 Km. pretty slow but was a good start in a beautiful fall morning. The best part is that I felt good and … Read More

Feeling heavy

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This is not necesarily how do I look now but it certaily represents how heavy I feel. It has been a long lasting feeling for over a year. When I decided to swim across Lake Ontario and learned what was … Read More

We did it!

At some point I finally saw the power turbine at the CE grounds and start swimming towards that. Sue and John Eddols were escorting me. The excitement grew when I was able to see the cars on the Lakeshore boulevard. … Read More