C3 Caledon Quarry

Because you asked us!
Yes. One part of training for a marathon swim is to get used to the darkness and to adapt and be calm and efficient however... why only for them? We all can and should have the experience and the fun without the suffering.
It is quite an experience and we are happy to put together this opportunity.
The format is simple. Just a swim (not a race) you get there at 7:00 pm and we will start in the water at 7:30PM and we will practice some navigation drills and then we will swim a few loops around the lake.
Wetsuits, Fins, Paddles Pullbuoys... all allowed!
The idea is to learn together and to have fun.

This year there will be some relay racing with teams put together at the time with the participants in attendance. The idea will involve SUPs and swimming  


• If you can, bring a buddy to be beside you while you swim
• If you have head lamps bring them. They are very useful.
• If you have a kayak or a board we will welcome it. If not we will get you paired with one of the kayakers volunteers
• There will be 2-3 swimmers per kayak/paddle board.
• Tell a friend! The more we are the more fun it can be.
• Refreshments after the swim
• $20.00 per swimmer

Everyone is welcome!
Any questions please email us:

How to get there:



Generously, Madhu has agreed to come to our swim and to share his wealth of wisdom and experience with us.

For those that may not know, Madhu Nagaraja is an ordinary man that does extraordinary things.

Educated at Mysore, McGill and Stanford universities, Madhu is an experienced corporate leader, marathon swimmer, and all-around adventurer. He successfully swam across the English Channel and Lake Ontario, finished the gruelling Marathon des Sables, and is preparing for a 2018 return to the Straits of Magellan, one of the most difficult cold water crossings in the world with waters below 5 degrees celsius.

Madhu attempted to do this swim in 2015 and had a "successful failure" as he called in his blog. 

Disappointment, is part of any sport.

It is how he choose to see such disappointment, what we learn from it and more importantly how we choose to act after, what really makes a difference. After the attempt Madhu wrote: "the nice thing is, we are all still alive and we can go back stronger and work with Mother Nature, follow the rules set by her to get across. It is simple... Yes, it is ok to fail. Yes, I survived to tell you all that we failed to swim across the Straits of Magellan. But, we had a lot of fun doing this. Yes, we'll go back to swim across the straits of Magellan. I'm sure it'll be a blast and yes, I'll need all your help again".

Madhu is on elf the founders of the Great Lakes Trust that began as a simple idea: open-water swimmers finding ways to give back to the waters we love. Today is a collective of experts and advocates who help others to think in the long term, solving problems so much bigger than any one community or generation, protecting one fifth of the planet’s fresh water.



This event would not happen without the generosity of this marvellous sponsors and friends. We are very grateful to them