At Embrace Swimming, we know the fundamentals of swimming start with learning to enjoy the water.
Swimming is about the journey and feeling safe and comfortable in a fun, learning environment.
We will build lifelong skills whether you are a recreational or competitive swimmer and we will have fun doing it.

We are very happy and lucky to be able to build this landing page for you.

If you know about us you know that we are now working towards the expansion of our services so you can have more and better opportunities and swimming experiences!

If you do not know us, you can find our history at but just know that we are a company that teaches swimming and works in a collaborative way with other multi-sport institutions, clubs and organizations.

We provide advice, information and guidance on recreational and competitive swimming and triathlon where everyone experiences positive life changing adventures while working towards their athletic goals.

At our swimming pool, Embrace Swimming, coaches and teachers are individuals that have a great passion for the water and sport. We work under a unique and effective coaching formula that focuses and builds on swimming fundamentals with the goal of enjoying the water.

The team has over 40 years of experience including being athletes, coaches, administrators, pool directors and operators, swim meet directors, and race directors.

We have been lucky to hang out and learn all that time with all kinds of world class coaches, professional athletes, Olympic medalists and kids of all ages with a high spirit and unparalleled enjoyment for the water. We use all those years of experience to provide you with the best possible experience in the water you can have.


It does not matter if you are 3 or 93 years old, this is how we learn in our school


Here in the otter’s den, we start every lesson by eating raw fish...wait. Through games, we stimulate and develop the confidence of the swimmer to gain a sense of comfort in the water and make newcomers feel at ease. We start with the basic principles of swimming: Breathing and Balance.


The nice kind from the cuddly animal calendars, not the kind that hunt humans Exercises in this level will boost confidence even in the deep end of the pool. Dive starts become a big part of this level with control over depth of the body and breathing to enjoy the dives. More harmonic and agile moves will be part of the work to start the practice of front and back crawl.


Once a beluga (always a beluga!!!), you are a good swimmer and can travel over 50 meters safely front and back crawl. Now we are learning to be better at controlling the breast stroke and butterfly kicks combined with the upper body and the power forward concept is further developed. Adequate technique for the 4 strokes and development of the basic principles of breathing, balance and power are emphasized.


This level is designed for those wanting to race. Swimmers continue to develop skills that make them even greater at the four swim styles but increased distances for our pod are now introduced. We continue to explore and experiment on ways to improve competitive starts, turns and finishes. Learning to work in groups and for the team is introduced in this level.


In this level, slowly but surely, (and for life) we will learn how to get total control over our breathing and to use all equipment and toys properly. Confidence to get into deep areas of the pool will be encouraged and new games that require body balance will be a big part of the work we do.


We will continue to increase our sensibility in the water, and we will start developing sculling concepts to learn to “feel the water”. Our swimmers will learn basic exercises to develop the concept of power forward in the water. Front and back crawl basics are further developed in this level. We start the practice of basic breast stroke and butterfly movements.


(cousin of the unicorn) In this level, swimmers are great at the four swim styles. Some of you will consider yourselves experts but our work isn’t done yet. Consistent and constant work on competitive starts, turns and finishes are the focus. We understand that not everyone needs or wants to compete in swimming but the skills and coordination required for this are fun, helpful exercises for a healthy, strong and functional everyday life regardless of age or gender.


the King of the sea (maybe, we just made that up) This level is designed for those racing! The development of skills never stops but in this level we learn to set goals, to work to achieve them and to develop strategies that allow our swimmers to be the best they can be physically, mentally and emotionally not only in the water but in all aspects of life.

We are working on the last very many details for you to have a great experience in our pool.

We are developing the programs that you would like, with zero pressure for competition (even when some of us love to race!) We want you to find a spot in our schedule that fits your needs and likes and that is why we are taking a bit more time that we would have wanted.

Thank you for your patience!

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What people say about us...

“In 30 years of being an Olympic and international triathlon coach I have found only a handful of special swim coaches like Miguel. His understanding of the principles of swimming, his patience and his passion for seeing an athlete succeed are unparalleled. The unique thing about Miguel is I see him help as many novices improve their swimming as he does with my elite athletes. Regardless of the level your starting to swim, if you want to be better and enjoy the water, then Miguel Vadillo and Embrace Swimming is the coach and the pool to do your swimming in”.
Barrie Shepley
Hall of Fame and Olympic Triathlon Coach

“Embrace Swimming helps swimmers conquer fear and swim/race effectively. Miguel is a born coach: patient, humorous, knowledgeable and inspiring.  He breaks down swim strokes so athletes can feel the water and be effective, instead of exhausted.  He finds what drives the individual athlete to empower them to improve and especially enjoy the water.  A swimmer can learn and improve with Miguel for a lifetime!”
Jiffy Earley-Gibson

“Swimming with Embrace Swimming has helped me to improve my technique, power, and speed in the water- all of which have contributed to my success racing as a professional triathlete. The combination of finesse and fitness is what makes swimming with this group unique and extremely beneficial”.
Kristen Marchant
Two times triathlon World Champion

“Embrace program’s strong emphasis on technique balanced with work on speed, fitness and endurance has made me a more efficient and confident swimmer. What makes the Embrace program truly unique though are the fun and innovative workouts. I look forward to each practice and always leave with a smile on my face. I always liked swimming...but now I LOVE it!”
Suzanne Ruginis

“I came to Embrace swimming three years ago, since joining, I have been able to successfully complete multiple open water events, including my personal biggest goal of competing in the world’s global swim series championships in Cancun. Embrace Swimming has experience, expertise, passion, patience and professionalism in their approach of teaching the necessary skills of swimming confidently in both pools and open water. Swimming on a weekly basis with Embrace has been invaluable”.
Barb Loeprich

“As a parent of three young swimmers, I sat in the stands for months watching, wondering what it might be like to take up the sport of swimming as an adult.
Embrace Swimming, under Miguel’s leadership, provided the patience, skills, expertise and motivation to help me get started. It has been four years and I’ve developed a life saving skill, a level of fitness in the water I never thought possible and had fun every length along the way.
Thank you Embrace Swimming for your guidance, patience and attention to the needs of the students in your various levels of swimming from beginner to Olympian”.
Liz Hastings


'Embrace Open Water swimming has a unique and effective coaching formula that focuses and builds on swimming fundamentals and has allowed me to go from a non-swimmer to achieving year over year personal best swimming performances at the highest level competitions at global ITU Triathlon age-group events. Embrace made this possible for me despite not having a swimming background. They were incredibly  patient, encouraging, professional, and have the techniques and coaching methods that contributed to my swimming progress and success. I highly recommend Embrace Open Water and the team of experienced and knowledgeable coaches to anyone serious about swimming more effectively whether you are a beginner or an advanced swimmer.
Carmelo  Morra

Four years ago I started with Embrace Swimming with encouragement from a friend. I was feeling very intimidated about starting since I was not a swimmer. At my first practice I could barely swim the 25 meters from one end of the pool to the other but I kept going to practices and now four years later I have improved a lot. Miguel has been an amazing coach. He is accepting of all ability levels and he tailors the practices to accommodate everyone from beginners to advanced swimmers. He is patient and always encouraging and his coaching is the reason for my improvement and for the successes of all of his swimmers. I'm thankful for Miguel and Embrace Swimming and I will continue to swim with him. Thanks Miguel!
Heather Chick


I have attempted swimming lessons a few times without making much progress. Discouraged and frustrated I had nearly resigned myself to dry land events. That’s when a friend recommended Embrace Swimming and it has been a transformative experience. I’m amazed at how much I enjoy swimming now. Coach Miguel has the expertise, experience and patience needed to help anyone improve their swimming regardless of your ability or your ultimate goals. Perhaps the best endorsement is that most people who swim with Embrace Swimming have been referred by fellow athletes. 

Claire Bartlett 


It doesn’t matter if you are an experience swimmer or just starting out, Embrace Swimming has the program for you. Swimming is so technical and can be very intimidating especially for someone just starting out. The feedback you get is personal and never intimidating. I went from being scared of swimming long distances to loving it! I would highly recommend the programs and the coaching from Embrace Swimming.

Krista Lethbridge