Start of the 200 m of the Embrace Open Water SwimFest 2015
Start of the 200 m of the Embrace Open Water SwimFest 2015



At Embrace Open Water Swimming, we organize many different and fun events all year long starting on January 1 with the Polar Bear swim in Oakville we do with the Lake Ontario Swim Team (lostswimming.com) and going over the months participating, managing being a helping hand or directing many different competitions, training camps, clinics, fundraisers, and special training opportunities that we create with our club friends and partners like Personal Best, LOST SWIMMING, Guelph Marlins Aquatic Club, Guelph Triathlon Club, Canadian Cross Training Club and Triathlon Club of Burlington.

We invite you to join any of our events and have a wonderful experience in the water. 

GSS Member badge 2016


EMBRACE OPEN WATER SWIMMING is proud member of the Global Swim Series


GSS is dedicated to growing the global open water swimming community by bringing races together on a regional and global scale.

GSS system gives 50% of the points for participation and 50% for placing, encouraging swimmers of all levels in every category. 
Swimmers get points and get ranked globally, by region and by country off total accumulated point scores. After the last race of the season the top swimmer in each of the 4 Categories will be crowned Global Champion. 
The top age group swimmers will also be recognized.

There is a growing number of races around the globe 31 to date in Ireland, Mexico, United States, Brazil, Bermuda, Russia, Haiti, Barbados and Canada.