How does it work?

Well, we have to have an initial conversation about your goals and expectations.

With that information in mind, we work with your particular circumstances, schedule and access to a swimming pool / open water and we develop a training plan for you.

In partnership with Personal Best, ( ) we will send you a link that will give you access to our training peaks platform where you will be able to see your daily workouts that will be posted weekly.

On top of open water swimming and pool swimming, we are also able to offer you triathlon training programs to achieve any of the distances you want to achieve.

The individual monthly cost for e-coaching is:

All cost are plus HST

All programs include 
• Initial assessment
• Individual goal setting
• Weekly e-workouts delivery
• E-mail interaction
• Planning of race strategy
If more sessions needed or wanted it will be at the individual hour rate with 10% discount 
(in the Golden Horseshoe area only)
• Post race analysis.
Bring a friend and each of you receive 15% discount! Contact us and start your program today!

Set up your plan with us

We are pleased to be able to help you get closer to your goals