“My wife Cynthia and I have been working with Miguel for the past two seasons. Our focus was really to work on improving our stroke mechanics as we had very little previous swim experience.  Miguel had a lot of work to do in helping us break a lot of bad habits that we had developed over the past years. He not only helped make us stronger and more efficient swimmers, but made the workout sessions enjoyable and actually helped us develop a passion for swimming.  Swimming was the least favourite of our three disciplines. I can’t say enough positive things about Miguel, he is a great coach and an awesome person.  We look forward to another season under Miguel’s watchful eye!

Brian and Cynthia Scott

A new love for swimming! - Waterloo, Ontario

“Miguel Vadillo is a genius, as the more relaxed and rhythmic recovery has changed my stroke completely. I am starting the catch further out in front of me. My feel for the water is improving as I am beginning to feel when muscles are on during the pull and off during the recovery, as opposed to always on. He has taught me that you can breathe out through your mouth (it may sound obvious, but I did not realize this), making swimming feel much more like running and biking for me. As Miguel has cautioned me, it will likely take a year to a year and a half to fully grasp these concepts, but even the tiny bit I have begun to grasp them has been very eye opening. I have never been so motivated to swim, nor has swimming been so relaxed and enjoyable!

“I swam 26:28. This is over a minute faster than I swam in Raleigh 70.3 just three weeks prior, and is very close to my best swim ever in a 70.3. What’s most interesting is that it was very controlled and relaxed. In fact, towards the end of the swim, I was having such an enjoyable experience that I actually thought to myself, “I wish this swim was longer.” I must thank Miguel Vadillo for this, as this is the first time in my life that I truly enjoyed the swim portion of the race. Things are moving in the right direction with regards to this discipline”.

Lionel Sanders. Canada’s Ironman and 70.3 Champion

Enjoying swimming now.

“Miguel is a top-notch swim coach who can get right to the core of teaching what you need to know to improve your technique and your enjoyment of open water swimming.”

Kathleen Doody

For the enjoyment of open water swimming

“Miguel is a born coach: patient, humorous, knowledgeable and inspiring.  He breaks down swim strokes so masters athletes can feel the water and be effective, instead of exhausted.  He provides practical, useful open-water techniques.  He helps swimmers conquer fear and swim/race effectively.  He finds what drives the individual athlete to empower them to improve and especially enjoy the water.  A swimmer can learn and improve with Miguel for a lifetime!”

Jiffy Earley-Gibson

Helping to conquer your fears

“Miguel is an expert coach who has a wonderful gift for recognizing the individuals needs/challenges/ambitions of his clients. His infectious spirit helped me improve from having chronic shoulder instability to swimming four strokes regularly. Participating as a pace swimmer on Miguel’s Lake Ontario crossing was an inspiring event in my life”.

Ted Alexander

Is all about the athletes

“Just few years ago, I could barely swim to the end of the pool.  Under Miguel’s tutelage I have completed both full and half Ironman swims successfully and with confidence.  Miguel is a superb teacher, individualizing his approach to each swimmer, pushing just enough to meet your goals and endlessly supportive and positive about your accomplishments, large and small.  His personal accomplishments are an inspiration”

Peter Cook

Now an Ironman Athlete

“I never felt any hope or patience with my swimming abilities until I took my first 1.5 hours of training with Miguel Vadillo in 2014.
I no longer cry after training as I have with other swimming coaches and the panic sensation is becoming a feeling in the past. His intuitive and compassionate approach keeps my focus in the water strong. Miguel is genuine  and cares about each individual swimmers success”.

Now I enjoy swimming

“Training with Miguel has made a world of difference in my triathlon training. I feel happy and confident in the open-water, and the swim is now my favourite part of every race! At the Embrace Open Water group classes, I learned key skills including how to feel comfortable drafting or swimming in a pack. The group classes have an inclusive, welcoming vibe and I enjoyed a feeling of camaraderie with my fellow swimmers, who came from a wide range of swimming backgrounds and comfort levels. Miguel is an intuitive, approachable but authoritative instructor, and during private one-on-one open-water sessions, he helped me improve my stroke, as well as work through concerns I had about swimming in difficult conditions. Thanks to his coaching, I feel as though I could get into any water conditions, and be ready to go. Thank you, Miguel!”
Yuki Hayashi

Ready to swim anywhere

Dear Miguel
I want to let you know how much you have helped with my swimming. Even though you normally coach a more experienced swimmer you let me tag along. In the Open Water swim you always changed the sessions for me so I would do a little less than the rest, but stayed continually challenged.
Never a discouraging word from you. Really did appreciate your positive comments. Swimming has become one of my favourite activities for triathlon.  Pretty amazing considering one year ago I could not swim one pool length.
Looking forward to continued success with you guidance.
Thank you Miguel!
Diane Daymond

Swimming is my favourite now