5 hours of Darkness. Part 1


This is Santiago writting.

The drive to Lake Rosseau was long and boring. We jumped in the car and drove off to the highway. Once we got to the highway I placed my headphones in my ears turned my music up and took a nice relaxing nap. I soon woke up to the sound of passing cars, and i realized we'd stopped. Had we arrived yet? No, we had stopped on the side of the road. My dad and Katie were walking around the car, my dad opened my door and i asked,

"What happened?"

"The Kayak come loose so we wanted to tighten it before it fell" he said. I got out of the car and looked around, the sun's light blinded me and it took a second to readjust my eyes. After a few more minutes we got back in the car and drove off. I tried falling asleep again but it was no use. I grabbed my father's laptop out of it's case, popped a DVD in, sat back and enjoyed the hour long movie "Clash Of The Titans" (which i recommend to you readers) when it was finished i turned the laptop off and waited. Finally I heard the sound of waves. I peaked out the window and saw the Lake my dad was going to swim in for 5 hours. I was overwhelmed.

We got out of the car and met Don Burton and his family at the docks. Don and Kendra (his wife) are my dad's coaches and lent us a small motor boat for the 5 hour swim. We unloaded the car and got on the boat. Russell and Hailey (Don's and Kendra's kids) got on a tube and were dragged behind the boat for a little while. When we got back to shore we got ready and went back to the boat. My dad got ready to jump in and start the swim. I hugged him, I wished him luck. He said goodbye to Katie and the other crew members and dove in.

The 5 hours of Darkness had begun.

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