5 hours of Darkness. Part 2


We're on the boat. Don, Kendra, Katie, Russel, Hailey and me. My dad's swimming in lake Rosseau. We've been on the boat for 16 minutes. I'm already bored and sea sick. I move around the boat looking for something to do. I look over at my dad and then i remember. We had bought a whiteboard for me to write messages to my dad as he was swimming. So i pick it up and grabbed the marker. "Wassup Pikachuu?" I saw a grin come up on my dad's face when he saw my message. I wrote to him pretty much until it got dark. When it got dark i took my phone out and started texting people. Can you imagne? it's 12:51 at night and people are texting me back? I actually laughed. At around 1:15 I was cold, tired and bored. I fell asleep and didn't come to until the last 20 minutes of the night swim. I heard Don talking to my dad and telling him to follow the light. You see I was told later on that my dad kept swimming farther away from the boat and he didn't realize it. It was pitch black outside. I didn't blame him. I looked around the boat and saw Hailey and Russel passed out sleeping on the floor. I looked around and couldn't see anything! Until I looked at the sky… For the first time in my life I saw our Galaxy. The sky was so clear I could see The Milky Way! Billions of stars stained the black sky. And the moon was giving very little light enough for me to see shore! I stood up my legs were numb and it hurt to stand up. I sat back down and drifted off to sleep in a few seconds. I heard the motor stop and I felt a water drop on my nose. Malva was sitting next to me looking over me smiling. I smiled back and got ready to climb off the boat. We've done it! He'd done it! He had swam 5:37 hours in the darkness! I can't describe how tiered I was. And I think my fellow crew members agree. I think Crossing a Great Lake is not only an effort the swimmer has to put in. ( even though the swimmer goes out everyday and swims for hours and hours which i find very admirable) but there is a huge effort the crew has to put in as well. This is a team project.

And I would like to thank everyone who has helped or is helping my father full fill his dream. But I want to thank the crew. Maybe it's because I'm a growing teenager and I need my sleep but I was done after the 5 hours on the boat. And I think every single crew member has to be thanked greatly for putting up with Malva's stubborness and helping out with everything.  Thank you so much crew members. Have a nice day 🙂

-Santiago and Malva

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