Almost but not there yet


The CN tower was visible long ago, almost since the sun came up however as many as 6 hours later the thing didn't seem to get any closer!

Another half hour has passed and Katie made the signal to stop for food.

She passed me the bottle with the warm something (coffee I thought) one mouthful of that thing… WHAT THE F*#@ IS THIS?

Chicken soup all on the boat said at once noticing and obviously concern about my angry scream.

The feeling was awful I was expecting a totally different thing and I got what it seemed at the time a totally fake flavour of something I could not say what it was.

Can I get just water please? And next stop can I get something like… hot chocolate?

Yes, it was awful but worked out because now I was thinking on that and not in the pain nor the fact that I was feeling that we weren't making any progress. The reality is that I actually kept a pretty nice consistent slow pace and we had the conditions to do so. But your perspective gets a bit blurry when you are in the water.

A couple of stops more and I knew that we would be successful. Every stroke as painful as it was also was getting us closer and to the achievement of the goal and then the excitement returned and still today is around.

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