Excercise and feeling good


Clare and MV

Last week at the talk I gave at the University  of Guelph, the organizer and director of the Better U program Annie Eleveld, read an article that the Guelph Mercury published with a quote from John Marsden.
Since then I felt that I had to share it because it is wonderful and so true!

Hope you enjoy it and comment if you agree!

Exercise is fun!! To move is fundamentally human and it can feel good in every way. It doesn't have to be about discipline and suffering.
It is not a punishment, or a penance. After exercise, food tastes amazing, just sitting in a chair feels like living in paradise, a hot bath is heaven and sleep is an uninterrupted pleasure. Motivation comes from within. Make your exercise a pleasure. It is its own reward.

Start slowly, bring a friend and do it outside.
Get outside and experience the world.

The world itself will do the rest!!

– John Marsden

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