It’s Begun!


Malva has begun his 52km swim. And the crew has started their 19 hours of hard work.

When my dad said he was going to try to cross this great lake I thought he was bluffing.

But now that we're all out here. On the boats, I know now, He wasn't kidding.

When Barry Sheply was talking over the microphone at Marlyn Bell park, I was getting nervous and exited.

After putting on the Lanolin on my father, we took pictures with strangers who were at the beach listening to Barry.

I thought to myself

'He's done this hundreds of times. He's an amazing swimmer…Why am I worried?'

Now I know. It's the feeling you get at the pit of your stomach, some people call it butterflies in your stomach. That feeling that you're not going to see, or talk this person for a long time and you feel chocked up. I got that feeling as I said goodbye to him. I thought I wasn't going to cry.

I was wrong.

It has begun.

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