May 27 Guelph Lake 5:50 a.m.


Today was a beautiful morning. Before 6 San
and I were already in the water he on the Kayak and me swimming. The
water is already too warm! 21C

I just wanted to share this image that
has in it much of the beauty I am getting from doing this. Maybe is the
water, maybe is the sun, maybe is because is my son… life is so

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  1. annie eleveld
    | Reply

    great pic Miguel and I am glad that you get to spend special time with Santiago…annie

  2. malva
    | Reply

    Thank you Annie. This whole thing as crazy as it sounds has been an amazing chain of good and positive events in my life.
    Thank you for your support.

  3. jose manuel mendoza
    | Reply

    Todos sabemos que un padre haría cualquier cosa por su hijo, pero que un chaval a esa edad y a esa hora este remando para que su padre entrene, merece mis felicitaciones. Creo que denota o un buen grado de inconsciencia o un gran cariño por su progenitor… ¿o serán las dos cosas?
    Buena foto, buen esfuerzo, sigan adelante.

  4. Malva
    | Reply

    Gracias José Manuel.
    En verdad atesoro tus palabras.

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