Miguel Vadillo’s new attempt to regain human shape (weight loss contest)

Punta del cielo jalon

A few weeks ago former Olympic coach Barrie Shepley invited to a weight loss contest.

I was petrified as many people are when comfronted with this kind of voluntary health challenges. After all if there is something I enjoy is to eat and to eat what I consider good food. In other words I really like eatig what I feel like any given day.

However, I am also embarrassed with myself every time I pay attention to the mirror. It would not be as bad if I could forget that there was a time when I had sort of a decent athlete's body very different of the cartoon character I feel I have become.

Anyway, I started two weeks ago with a very hard detox week at the same time I was training to be able to really train again sometime soon… bad mistake. As Katie explained it to me, probably what happened is that my body, under the stress of the workouts and the severely reduced daily calorie intake went into starvation mode signaling my body to storage even more fat.

This freaking detox got me grumpy most of the week, thinking about food every other second and emotionally abusing my lovely mother with all my complaining. ( No wonder why she is itchy to go back to Mexico asap!)

After the week I was not impressed with a mere 1.2 lb. lost.

 Nevertheless I kept on the plan (had more rest days that I had planned at the beginning but hey… plans are to be adjusted almost every hour!) and after 2 weeks I have lost 3.8 lb total and motivated again yesterday and today I have been able to turn down a few kind invitations for cake and cookies!

 Good luck to everyone and anyone trying to do something good for themselves!

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