Talent vs. Perseverance


A few days ago I had an interesting conversation with a co-commuter on our way back home.
Was about those not so rare people with a lot of talent.

Then the next morning while swimming, I was really trying hard to do the right things on each repetition of the workout. Dave, the other Marlin’s masters coach, has always been very encouraging and I really like swimming good and up to his expectations for the workouts.

I was very surprised of the first fast 200m. IM (individual medley) I did out of three and got scared!
“I wont be able to repeat it” I said to him, and yet the second was the same time and the third just a second slower.

While cooling down I thought… I am a very untalented guy. I am short, and in many ways I have quite a bunch of limitations, but boy, there are very few people as stubborn as me and man, I don’t understand why I am able to take that much pain as if was a normal thing to do!
I thought in many of the incredible talented athletes I have had the chance to meet and how I have learned from them… 

I didn’t go to the Olympics as some of them but I am 42 years old and I have done some pretty nice things, some of them sort of impressive and for some others I am still amazed with.
I think I have persevered in keeping this lifestyle and getting to my goals regardless how long it takes and that sets me apart from the crowd. I am not the only one but I am not the “average guy” either. (with the good and bad implications of it).   
I know I am not the onlyone saying this but recently I saw a video of Will Smith and I agree 100% with him on the fact that anyone can be taller than me, faster than me, stronger, smarter, good looking, charming… much more talented that me, but I know that I am at least as persevering as anyone can be.
I have used that gift, and I’m planning on using it to the end of my days.

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  1. Myrna Cedillo
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    Hey Miguel, this is really a motivational speech. Believe it! A lot of people (including me) are amazed with what you do, and even follow your example. You are the first one that comes to my mind whenever I talk to Miranda about sports, and how important it is to be active. She has started to read your blog, and she is amazed too. She is feeling more confident with herself because of what you said about being perseverant; which goes beyond the pool in Miranda’s case. So, thank you for sharing this with us. And I know I don’t need to say it but, Keep on going so we can follow you.

  2. Miguel
    | Reply

    Thank you very much Myrna! I am very happy to hear that there are positive ripples of that swim two years down the road.
    It is a great feeling to know that I can help through the words I write. I believe that being confident is a work in progress that never ends. We all have our own insecurities, that is not the issue. The real challenge is how we deal with them and what we do to overcome them is.
    Any time you think I can help, please just let me know!

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