Technical Problems suck.


So, at 11 o'clock at night the lead boat's started dying. When the lights began to dim, and our computers started dying, we turned off all lights. and everything that consumed power for about the rest of the night.

So, my apologies to all our readers. We had technical problems.

The crew is wide awake after a long night. I personally was asleep half the night. Since I couldn't blog I decided to keep my energy and sleep.

When I asked the crew how the night went I got this:


"Dark and stormy."

"cold and boring."

The parts I was awake for I spent them wishing I could sleep.

But at around 10:40pm the rest of the boats wanted and needed coffee. So we made 2 thermos full of coffee, got into one little zodiak used as a delivery boat and went around handing them out. That was the only thing exiting I was awake for.

The swimmer is doing great. Well as far as I know. He's eating and he's making great progress.

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  1. Sandra del Castillo
    | Reply

    Miguel is a strong man, with a high willingness. God bless you all.Best wishes

  2. jose manuel mendoza
    | Reply

    Que bueno que tenemos algo de información, me da gusto ver que tu padre está más cerca de la lograrlo la meta, que orgullo. Felicidades a toda la tripulación. Sigan adelante!!!!

  3. marie sutherland
    | Reply

    Determination overrides everything. Hang in there Miguel, we are cheering you on! Godspeed.

  4. Christine
    | Reply

    You are a really neat young man Santiago (I hope I spelled that correctly!). I am planning on swimming the lake next summer and I have two little girls that remind me of you… I was there last night and watched you and your crew take off. I’ve been watching your father’s success all day and I can’t wait to give my congrats in person. God bless… You are a remarkable family.

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