The nervs, the wait and the indecision.

Hamilton LO

Here I am. Saturday night after a little test at Lake Ontario.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a big day.

Tomorrow the whole crew supposed to be at Lake Ontario for the swim Trial.

16 Km. or 6 hours whatever happens first.

I was very confident until the wind started to blow a few days ago and took away the warmer water.

Two days ago the water temp. at the lake was 8 Celsius. Yesterday went up a few degrees anything close to something comfortable.

A few hours ago I went down to Hamilton where this swim supposed to happen tomorrow.

The water was not above 13 degrees.

Again, I had this burning from inside out feeling that lasted for at least 15 minutes. I couldn't pee even when I really wanted and I got alarmed. Finally I stopped, change my breathing rhythm then peed and kept going.

Wasn't pretty but came back home mentally prepared for tomorrow.

However in this conditions you do not need much to hesitate. An experienced Swim Master Marilyn Korzekwa (two succesful crossings under her belt) said that she would be seriously considering next week because the winds tonight only are going to get worst and take the bit of warm water away…

looks like less than 12 hours to the start I still do not know what is going to happen… but I'll keep you posted 

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  1. Georgie
    | Reply

    Miguel, you can’t control the uncontrollables, so stop worrying! It is what it is whether you worry or not.
    If there is any possible way for you to have success…you will!! I have total confidence in you! The things which you can control (ie. swimming, getting fitter, etc….) you have accomplished.
    So relax and enjoy your new fitness 🙂

  2. malva
    | Reply

    You are totally right Georgie. However I wanted to go. I read a nice text today about how did it go for the swimmers in Oakville.
    After reading that I felt very good about myself ( I swam 26 minutes without a wetsuit at 10-11 degrees!)

  3. Georgie
    | Reply

    Miguel, you are my hero 🙂

  4. Mary Ellen Griesbach
    | Reply

    You have worked hard to prepare your body for this!! You can, and WILL, do it!!!!

  5. malva
    | Reply

    Thank you Mary Ellen!
    Yes! I will do it but as much as I think I am ready I need to listen to the exprienced people around.
    We will see how it goes on Thursday.

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