This is actually going to happen


After many months of training, jumping hurdles, learning, working hard and swimming a lot, finally we are about to leave for Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Has been a wonderful journey full of many things but I just want to keep the positive ones.

Just to be able to attempt this is a privilege and I do not want to go there without thanking here for all the support, the words, the motivation and friendship that I have had and found through this.

Would be silly to try (today) to thank individually to so many people that one way or another has contributed to this project without having the risk of missing someone. But I want to let you know that if with this, one little person learn how to swim and with that, is safe for the rest of his/her life, WE did something fantastic!

Many things had been said about malva crossing the lake. The reality is that there are many people that has helped and supported this until the point where we are. Just in a few hours WE will cross the lake and that is what makes this project a success already,

Thank you VERY much.

  1. Faye
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    I am so, so excited for you! I read this story in the Star a couple months back, (I think?? It was a while ago) and never heard of it again and thought maybe it wasn’t going through! But I am so happy it is! Not only are you conquering your dreams but allowing others to live vicariously through yours. Please have a safe swim! We wish you all the best and every happiness 😀

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