Very little swimming lots of wondering around and no success yet

No photo on this post.

We are waiting to find the big boat that will go with us to show it here!


After the night swim, there has been very little swimming and has been short every time I got into the water.

Instead I have invested time looking for someone with a large boat willing to go with us in this adventure.

No success yet on that. There are a few people that said they will do their best and we are doing it but no one has said yes firmly.

So, seems like the date of the swim may change to accommodate as many crew members as possible but also to have a boat  to make the swim happen.

Why all this?

Well let me explain again for those new readers and a reminder for those that already know:

Everything started many years ago but really I made the decision to swim across the lake over a year ago.

What does a swim across lake Ontario means?

Swimming across lake Ontario means a 52 km swim across one of the most unpredictable and formidable bodies of water on the planet.
The traditional course follows the route used by Marilyn Bell on the first successful crossing of the lake in 1954.
The route starts in the south at Niagara-on-the-Lake in the mouth of the Niagara River.
The finishing point, is 52 km away at Marilyn Bell Park in Toronto.

top of being a personal challenge, I was motivated last summer after
reading and hearing stories about children drowning in the Greater
Toronto area.

Those drownings, inspired the Toronto Star’s 2009
Take the Plunge program, which saw the paper pay for swimming and water
safety lessons for 100 children, ages 6 to 12, in partnership with the
YMCA of Greater Toronto.

This summer we have had more of the same
sad stories, so swimming across Lake Ontario will help organizations
like the Jumpstart Foundation, to help children learn how to
swim in organized programs and to provide young people with positive
life-changing experiences.

I am trying this on August 10th 2010

A swim like this is regulated by a provincial authority, Solo Swims of Ontario Inc., (SSO) a government-sponsored volunteer organization, and their mandate is to look for the safety of the swimmers and their crews.

That is why we need this large boat.

WE ARE LOOKING DESPERATELY FOR A 30 Ft. SAIL OR POWER BOAT to full fill the SSO requirements to be able to do the swim.

If you know someone or you have a boat we will greatly appreciate if you can join the team August 10th.

Contact us at

On Facebook: search MalvaSwimAcrossLakeOntario

or you can phone:

519 833 9449

519 265 3869

519 829 0662

If you would like to donate to the Jumpstart foudation program you can click on

(This is case sensitive caps should be caps!)

Thank you for reading up to here.

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