Victoria Weekend

Unloading the new Kayak

Everything started Thursday at Frank Valeriote's office.

Was truly great and very encouraging to meet somebody as energetic and hands on as him. We got a lot of support from him personally and some leads for sponsorship. Thank you very much Frank

Off to work when I got an email saying that the Jumpstart foundation will give us a Kayak to be used for training in open water. So I went and picked it up.

On this long weekend Shirley, organized a yard sale with old and new things donated by many, many people. It was wonderful to see and feel the support of so many for the cause.

We got our first batch of t-shirts that are for anyone donating $12.00 or more as a thank you for your donation. 

The training though suffered a bit this weekend. Not that I didn't swim but was much less than the plan. The distance was changed for cross training instead.

We used the kayak for the first time in the pond in Ospringe where I swam 50 minutes straight with Katie by my side

Was a great weekend overall 

I want to thank to all the people that contributed to this great Victoria weekend.    

If you want to see some pics and comment on them they are on Facebook as usual just search for malva swim across lake ontario.

Thanks again!

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