What’s next?

What is next?
This is one of the questions that many people often has asked me. Without exception I must have this blank staring face while in my head the process is something like:
¿? What? think,  … think! and then answer something that somehow sounds sort of intelligent… meanwhile by the time I come up with some words the person is obviously lost and usually don’t care for the answer anymore.
And that is the point of this text.
I feel lost.
I can think in many different goals to go for it and still I haven’t found one that is really calling me.
In the other hand I feel the need to have something to achieve.
I have had ideas like crossing the 5 great lakes, start racing open water (shorter distances but much faster), put more attention to my professional career, built and develop a business and become independent, write a book about the Lake Ontario experience …
I believe now that I can do all those things , I just need to set up priorities and do the work.
Over this year that is about to finish I invested most of my time in helping and teaching Santiago to help him achieve his goal of crossing lake Erie and become the youngest male in doing so.
As they say, Shit happens and after all this months and effort, being the fittest and strongest he has ever been he just decided he does not want to do it anymore.
He has his reasons and I confirm and re-afirm a lesson I learned long ago: “Del dicho al hecho hay un gran trecho”.  Is like: “From saying to doing there is a huge gap”.
And I can’t not stop thinking that indeed, the swimming part of this kind of projects are the easy part… well, not easy, easy, but definitely easier than many other things out of your control and many things that affect you every day.
Like in any other aspect of life, DETERMINATION is the key to success.
If you believe, and you have the will and the determination, you can overcome anything that is in your way to achieve whatever it is that you want (if you really know what is that).
That’s why I am here, I mean in Canada. That is why I do what I do the way I do it. Even when many times like right now I feel lost.
I just hope that Santiago find a way to discover that thing that will motivate him and bring out his determination to do whatever it is that he ends up wanting.
And I thank him for this reminder of no matter what I need to get going.
Thinking and planning for two swimming events for 2012

Soon details and a concrete answer to the question: What is next?

  1. Your honesty is appreciated Miguel. I’m feeling lost myself. Thanks for taking the edge off some of my loneliness.

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