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"Swimming can become natural!"
head coach, Miguel Vadillo

Learn how to improve your technique and you will swim faster with less effort. Even the highest level athletes need coaches and training partners to get to the finish line.  Having a personalized program to help you achieve your goals will take you further while minimizing the stress of planning a program on your own.

• Swimming lessons

• Personalized swimming programs

• Personalized swimming training

• Stroke improvement instruction

• Videotaping to analyze mechanics of the strokes and suggest drills accordingly.

Online Programs
Based on Training Peaks your weekly training program will be posted based on your individual requirements and feedback.

Open Water training
Whether you are training for short distance racing, a marathon swim race or a solo swim, we will help you learn the basics and the not-so-basic knowledge you need to master your swimming and to achieve your goals

Triathlon training
Try a tri, sprint distance, Olympic distance, 70.3 or full Ironman distance we will help you achieve your goals with a personalized program for swimming, cycling and running that takes into account personal circumstances and demands of your daily life.

Pool Training
Technique improvement goes a long way for anyone wanting to swim in the open water. During the winter months we have a solid program that will help you become a more confident, efficient, faster swimmer. 

Summer Programs
During the summer we have swim practices in Toronto Island, Oakville, Burlington, (Lake Ontario), Guelph Lake, Gulliver's Lake