Top open water swimming coach, former competitive swimmer and modern pentathlete is now sharing his remarkable stories of commitment and perseverance.

Miguel started swimming at age six and swam competitively until after the Olympic trials in 1988 in Mexico. Changing gears, he got on a new path and learned to ride horses, fence, and pistol shoot and in 1989 he made the Mexican modern pentathlon national team.

Miguel moved to Canada in 2004, hired as the Ontario Modern Pentathlon coach. In 2010 he finished a 52 km swim across Lake Ontario in 18 hours and four minutes, becoming the fourth fastest man in history to do so. He raised over $13,000 for Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart Program to help kids in financial need learn how to swim.

• A unique message and passionate presentation.

• Ideal for professional organizations and special interest groups: Banquets, Sales meetings, Golf tournaments, End of year celebrations.

• Educational speaking engagements, awards, suppers, clinics, motivational keynote kickoffs and corporate appearances.

Some of the most popular topics of Miguel’s expertise:

Teamwork Directed at industries where collaboration is a major factor in day to day success. We learn that through teamwork we can achieve more than what we can as individuals.

Everyone will succeed when teammates' performance is supported by those around them.

Changing course Having a goal and a plan to get there is the only way to make the journey to success. However, more often than not, unexpected elements knock us off our original course and force us to make a brand new plan on the fly. We must not get discouraged, we must remain flexible and alter plans to keep us on track.

Immigrant experience Miguel imagined picking up his life and going to live in Canada to escape the problems and dangers of living in his home country.

As is often the case, he imagined that once he arrived, life would become all that he wanted to be, in reality, he needed to quickly begin the steep learning curve of the newcomer. Every place has its good and bad. What we do to overcome and adapt defines if we merely survive or are able to thrive.

Miguel's motivational speaking experience  so far includes audiences at the University of Guelph, Canadian Cross Training Club, ReMax Real State Corporate, Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, Guelph-Wellington Business Enterprise Centre, and most Town of Caledon, Erin, and Guelph elementary schools.