Work piling, more to do. Little time. Writing suffers

Many things had happened since last time I wrote. 

And now that I am sitting with just a few minutes to write, I realized that has been over a month!

I feel that somehow I got into a treadmill and I had been running non stop for a long time without being able to process all what is going on around me and those close to me.

It is my fault. No doubt about it. I have been dealing with the need to write about what happen to me every day. In the pool, at work, at the lakes, coaching, swimming.

I have been leaving work thinking in going home and write an interesting entry with the material I have collected over this month and when I get there after more than an hour drive from Toronto to Guelph I just wnat to eat and go to bed. Like a teenager.

Anyway, acouple of days ago I stopped on my way to work in a store and while I was paying beside the register there was a little paper with this on it: "Expand your reality to the point where you pursue what you love doing and excel at it".

I really had to write this tonight because I am in the process of getting into that path for real and for good. I just need to overcome myself sometimes to achieve it… if you know what I mean.

ok. Stop now with the trivial words. I just wanted to share also one picture that kindly Jess Douglass shot a few weeks ago when the Triathlon Club of Burlington through Margaret Dorio invited me to chat a little bit about the lake crossing and to have fun in an Open Water Swimming little clinic.

Stay tuned for more photos and the story about that clinic.



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