Driving back home

Second day drive

Apart from another great weel of training and coaching, driving the bikes back to Ontario on my own has given me a unique opportunity to be really with myself for a long time.
Some times it is refreshing not to talk to anyone for long periods of time (always knowing that there is someone you will talk if you want).

Maybe that is why I enjoyed the training for Lake Ontario!

Deepens my thoughts and while I catch myself thinking very randomly at times, I also have periods where I can think and focus on what I want to do next and what is needed to be done.

Thank you Barrie for this unique opportunity.

If you are wondering (I know most of you reading would not), I have covered over 3000km. Last night as the fog was very dense, I was really tired and there were a lot of tractor trailers' traffic on very narrow lanes as there is construction all over the place I decided to stop and rest. Now I'm in Portage, Indiana, writing this as I am getting ready to continue and arrive home today.

First of all as Stuart McLean of the Vinyl Cafe says: pay attention to the un-important it is important! So I have been taking a look at cloud formations, dead and alive animals on the road (If I come back as a cow, I definitely would never choose Texas to live!), the red moon the first night, the falling stars, the ever changing colours of the road and the scenes that are offered.

Some times I have also payed attention to the road while driving!

But I also to keep myself entertained,  have been timing the drive. Every 100 km. splits trying to average better than 100Km/hr including stops for gas and washroom breaks.
That doesn't leave much room for fooling around or for a proper meal!

Yet the challenge makes it interesting.

This doesn't mean that I feel I have to drive faster. I drive to the limit or with the traffic but the key is to be very efficient on the stops. I have had to be figuring out how much gas I will get to fill up, go inside, pre-pay and then go to the washroom, if feeling like munching, I would grab the healthiest I can find there and pay. Go back to the truck and fill as fast as the pump lets me while cleaning the windshield… really you wouldn't believe the amount of distressed bugs that flying on the road have found Barrie's truck suitable to commit suicide! … Anyway,finish to fill up and start the drive again.

Longest stop: 32 minutes : you wouldn't believe either how freaking slow people can be just to give you a sandwich to go!

Fastest stop 7min. 47 sec. No pee, no cleaning anything.

The fastest period of 100km. has been 46 minutes no stops or interruptions; just steady speed all the way.

The slowest 1hour 22 minutes…. now you know when was that.

Just wanted to all who have been interested or wanted to know about how am I doing that all is fine and that I am very excited to be home and hug and kiss my Katie tonight.

I will let you all know when I get home.

  1. Irma Huerta
    | Reply

    Que bien Micky! Conociéndote se cuánto habrá significado esto.
    Pues a disfrutar a Katie y a tu bellisimo perrito en casa.
    Descansa rico!

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