Mine over Matter Open Water Swimming race

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Hello all!

The Mine over Matter Open Water Swim race (in conjunction with the Xterra off road triathlon) will take place this Saturday June 27!
1 and 2 Km.  there is a wetsuit and a non-wetsuit division; is your choice!

Kelso Quarry view
Kelso Quarry view


You can register at

Mine Over Matter in Milton:
(scroll down to the bottom of that page to find the Open Water Races and get registered)

THIS IS A GREAT RACE for novice swimmers who are training for a triathlon to get some experience before their big races. It is the first year of this race so also is a great opportunity to swim in a less crowded and more friendly environment.

Come and Embrace the Open Water!

Here you will find directions to the quarry:



Become part of something bigger

This is the third race of the Global Swim Series season!


At GSS we are dedicated to growing the global open water swimming community by bringing races together on a regional and global scale… pass it on!
Our system gives 50% of the points for participation and 50% for placing, encouraging swimmers of all levels.

The Global Swim Series Ranks swimmers off total accumulated point scores they get during the season. After the completion of the last race of the season the top swimmer in each of the 4 Categories will be crowned Global Champion. The top age group swimmers will also be recognized.

As well as placing in their races, swimmers will gain points and be ranked Regionally/Country, as well as have those points used to rank them Globally!

So far we have 24 races in Ireland, Mexico, United States, Brazil, Barbados and Canada but interest is growing and more are added every month. We are lucky to have so many close to home to participate and accumulate points towards the series.

We hope to see you there!

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