Tuesday August 10th

Jim Rankin Photo This day could not be a better one. Everything went extremely well and that was a good sign in itself. Almost everything was ready since the night before when Katie Shirley and I went to buy last … Read More

Malva has done it!

I will keep this one very short just to let everyone know, Malva crossed lake Ontario in 18:04 The next blog will be Malva telling everyone how his side of the swim went. Malva is sleeping right now and is … Read More

It’s Begun!

Malva has begun his 52km swim. And the crew has started their 19 hours of hard work. When my dad said he was going to try to cross this great lake I thought he was bluffing. But now that we're … Read More

Welland race

For… who knows what reason, all along since I got registered for this race I had in my mind that the race site was close to the beach where I had swam in Hamilton. Little did I know about the … Read More

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