Thank you Nat!


If anything else, this project has given me the chance of re-connect with friends, incredible good athletes and many, interesting people with amazing stories.

This past weekend while doing a relay at the Caledon Kids of Steel triathlon and having a booth there to promote the swim, I got to see Jade Scognamilo and her mother Jane that kindly is sharing her expertise and is helping us. (For those that do not know who she is, last year Jade became the youngest person ever that have succesfuly crossed lake Ontario). I got to see Barrie Shepley, former Olympic coach and consultant for the swim, triathlon friends and with them, I had a very inspirational chat with Nat Faulkner.

Nat is not only one of the world's best pro and amateur athletes I know, he is also charming, energetic, positive and kind. On Sunday while I was telling him how did I feel the day before while swimming 13 Km. he shared with me again his story  of being in the middle of the 5,000 Km. bike race across North America.

This race is one of those were you do not sleep for several days you have to keep going regardless how tired you are, the pain, the lack of sleep and real food. Nothing I can say here compares to hear it from him but here is my interpretation of what he said to me:

"You know what is coming! you know how is going to feel! … I was there in the middle of the night during one of the breaks (while other relay team mates were pedaling) very tired trying to sleep for a few minutes, and just could not! I was so tired and sleep deprived that I just started crying! So I was there naked, only with my bike shoes and my helmet on, other than that, totally naked (at any time he could be called to resume the ride) and I just leaned on a side of the van and started crying!  and I spent all my resting time like that!

Until I said to myself, wait a minute, … this is something that I chose to do because is FUN!

So no matter what I would not let the bad feelings take over me and started cheering my team mates and encouraging them to catch the team ahead and win the race".

Once again I was very emotional  because it is very true. Many, many times since I started training I have been crying for no reason other than being really overtired.

Nat is right, 
I know how it feels and at the end I chose to do this because is a good cause and I am determined to make it FUN!

Thank you NAT! I am really fortunate to count on you as my friend.

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  1. Georgie
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    Miguel…I heard you are doing another long swim this weekend…good luck and most of all….enjoy!!! 🙂

  2. Malva
    | Reply

    I did enjoyed Georgie. Having the Marlins with me made a world of difference. Time went by very quickly!

  3. coach sale
    | Reply

    A very good article! I learned a lot! Thanks a lot ! May the season’s joy fill you all the year round.

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