The meaning of success?


Lake Ontario crossing

Yesterday Arlene asked me if I needed something else.

I said yes, a boat and to be Wednesday August 11 evening, when I will be recovering with a smile because of the achievement.

Yes, I am anxious now. I want to swim across the lake and get it done.

I want to know for real what it is to be there, and all this just made me think that the trip has been already an incredible journey where I've learn about different limits, I've had the chance to meet very interesting and neat people, I've got to feel the incredible amount of support of many friends in Mexico and Canada and even people that I get to see not very often. I've been working in overcoming fears, in new ways to juggle life priorities, in new ways to re-invent myself in order to keep my mind positive.

Not always works though, but I think I can be happy with myself.

There are many donations already at the Canadian Tire Jumpstart foundation website.

Some kids will be able to learn how to swim because those generous donations. The attempt has already a huge value because of it.

To those who visited the site: thank you very much for your support to this … preventive, educative cause.

If you have been thinking about it, I encourage you to visit the site and make a donation. (Click on the "Donations" tab at the top of this blog) Does not matter how much, somehow you will be part of making someone's life more enjoyable and safe around water.

Regardless the outcome on August 10-11, thanks to all for the support.This project is already a success.

Thank you very much for being here, there… but always close.

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