It is cold and sometimes heavy.

After that long swim over the weekend I am still amazed of what can be done with the right people around and supporting you.

Rest is as important as the training so after the swim I had a huge good breakfast and slept for three hours before getting up to eat again.

All along an overwhelming concern has been over my head and feels like a huge weight over my shoulders: Adaptation to cold. Everybody is different and I had a sinus infection that refuses to leave me, making every attempt to get into cold water even more painful.

I have had cold showers (13-14 degrees) almost every day and even when is not pleasant at all, I manage to stay there for at least 5 minutes every time. All this while waiting for the lakes to warm up enough to be able to swim in them; after all is already May and the days to be in open waters can not be too far away right? Yesterday was May 8th. in the afternoon driving to have dinner at Shirley's (Katie's mom and my manager for the swim) the wind was blowing strong and suddenly, the white stuff came from the west!

I tried to tease Katie saying that those snow flakes were millions of little dandelions flying to be reproduced over the fields… she didn't fall for it.

It was snowing and it was a fairly good storm. Short but a snow storm.

Hopefully this was the last one and the round yellow lord will warm this side of the planet so we can ask kindly to the lakes permission to get in and get out safely.

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