Five more sleeps to start Open Water Swimming season in Ontario

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Sunrise Guelph lake

Yes! Five more sleeps and we will be out in the open water.

Rain or shine, warm or cold, wetsuit or not we are starting our season on Monday June 1.

You can get information and register for them here:

And here:

Thank you to all of you that have signed up for the swims.

Prior to that we are lucky enough to be a part of the greatest open water swim club in Canada: L.O.S.T. (Lake Ontario Swim team) and on Saturday May 30 we will jump into Lake Ontario in Oakville for the second time this year, yes the second time as we did it on January 1st at the Polar Bear Dip.

At Embrace we have been working on many different projects and we are very happy to let you know that the Global Swim Series is up and running. This has been a project that started more than a year ago. The Global Swim Series had its inaugural season known as the Canadian Open Water Swim Series and had 12 events featuring 26 different races spread across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver. The first season had over 2000 participants with a breadth of experience from former Olympians, nationally ranked club swimmers, NCAA and CIS athletes, marathon swimmers, Ironman triathletes, but also welcomed the majority of participants without any auspicious credentials and encouraged those new to the sport of Open Water Swimming to join the fun.

Global SS BannerFINAL PIC


GSS is a worldwide series that encourages participation as much as ability. We allow swimmers to gain exposure to open water races, while competing against other swimmers across the globe. By participating in a GSS race, you automatically enter into our global ranking system that gives 50% of the points for participation and 50% for placing, encouraging swimmers of all levels.
With your participation, you will be ranked by country, regionally and Globally!




So, As the GSS season is starting Embrace open Water has partnered with prestigious event organizers and the season opener is a very friendly race of 1km. 2km or 4km. (swimmers choice) in the James Dick C3 Quarry in Caledon.

You can get registered here:


Xterra OW race PIC


The second one is the ‘MINE’ OVER MATTER Open Water race in conjunction with the Xterra off road triathlon we will be having an open water swimming only race. 1 and 2 km. for all those who would enjoy a fun, safe open water swim experience in a controlled, quarry (no boats, no weeds). This is a call to all those who love to open water swim, those looking for a fun new challenge, those who are pool swimmers looking for a summer event and those who are triathletes getting ready for their events.

Register here:

We hope to get you excited with this great events and more to come over the summer.

See you in the lakes soon!

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