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Life is made out of little everyday moments. We all have our struggles and deal with them the best we can.
However some times life gets very pretty for you and offers everything you have wanted and more. Those days everything seem bright, everything smells good, everything seems right; however as with the weather, sunny days are followed by cloudy days and warm days at some point will be followed by cold ones until the time when the sun comes up again.
Recently, an opportunity to go to Cancun to swim the Global swim Championships came up and Katie wisely said to me: if you register for the 3 km distance you are not going to do much. But if you register for the 10 Km. you know that you have to really work to get there.
The result… She is right. 10 km at this point scares me enough to get me in the pool at least 3 times a week combined with riding my bike, strength training and running. It has been 6 weeks since this started and so far 15.6 pounds are gone.
The feeling is awesome!
I am hungry most of the time but every time I eat I enjoy enormously every meal. Food taste more intense and far better when I exercise than when I do not. It is a joy that I lost temporarily for a couple of years.
For now the sun is up and even when not without its challenges, life is good.

4 days to departure for AZ

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