2021 Evolving

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If we have learned something in the past 36 months i that nothing in life is forever, we should never get anything for granted and we need to be flexible to face life as it comes.
The 2021 Season is now here and we started now swimming outside at the C3 Caledon Quarry.
This year Miguel is balancing being a coach, having a full time job at Benson Steel as Marketing Manager and coming back to the racing scene after over a 5 years of doing other things.
We have many ideas to get the best experiences this summer training, and enjoying being in or on the water.
We are back to generate some content that hopefully will be helpful to some and hopefully will make a difference in your swim.
We hope you come back and follow us.
If you are new and just arrived to this blog, Welcome.
Let's continue our journey together.

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