Another step

After meetings, talks, ideas thrown out, circumstances, angels of a chance around and a several months of work of many people, we are here able to present this blog about the attempt of swimming across lake Ontario and from there to direct you to the donations page. 


Well, let me explain quick what is all this.

Last year, (like others) we heard of many drowning cases that happened in the lakes, rivers, backyard pools and hotel pools of Ontario. The newspaper where I work then started a project and paid for 100 kids to learn how to swim. 

I am who I am and I am where I am greatly because of the sport of swimming and all what I have learned while being a swimmer.

This attempt then will raise money to help children to get access to swim programs.

If your kindness takes you up to here, click on the link below, once there after you take a look at our faceboy video (this will be changing) click on the RSVP button that will take you to the donation page.

Your donation is not  the only way to get involved in this great positive project. Follow the links to faceboook, twitter and this blog, click on the comments take a look at the pictures and videos that we will be posting and make comments back to them. Good, bad, anything you like. All that support will help a lot.

Thanks to all

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